Amsterdam Weather

If you are visiting this website, you’re probably planning your trip to Amsterdam. The following insight into Amsterdam’s weather might be useful for you.

Amsterdam has a moderate maritime climate, due to its proximity to the North Sea and the predominant south-west wind direction. Amsterdam’s weather is moderate with mild winters and rather cool summers. However, Amsterdam’s weather is particularly variable. Weather conditions can change drastically, even several times a day! In the time span of one single day, you might regret not to have taken a warmer coat with you in the morning. In the afternoon of that same day you’ll find yourself sitting in the sun at a cafe terrace, searching diligently for your sun glasses in your bag, underneath the sweater that you have just crammed in there because you were too hot! In the evening, while you’re on your way to dinner at a local rice table restaurant, you will have to figure out how to hold your umbrella so that it won’t be blown away in the stormy rain shower!

However, the description above does not apply to all 365 days of the year, fortunately! In fact, while writing this piece of content, I’m sitting in my garden enjoying the pleasant warmth of the sun and the beautiful sight of the tree buds setting off so nicely against the clear blue sky.

It’s been continuously mildly warm and cloudless for the past week already. And by the way, we’re only in March now!

Besides, you can come to terms with Amsterdam’s meteorological unpredictability with the greatest of ease, as long as you anticipate to it properly. Here is some useful advice on how to pack your suitcase for your trip to Amsterdam.

Because of the changeable weather, make sure to bring pieces of clothes that you can wear as layers one on top of the other. This is to say, get dressed as an ‘onion’ in Amsterdam. Furthermore, it’s recommendable to carry a foldable umbrella with you in your bag, even in summer time, as you can expect rain in Amsterdam in all four season of the year.

Here’s a chart for you with the average minimum and maximum temperatures and average rainy days in all for seasons of the year. Please take a look at it so that you know what to expect and you can pack your suitcase accordingly.

And of course, while in Amsterdam, don’t forget to book my Amsterdam Windmill Tour!

I hope to meet you soon!


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